Finding Your True Purpose – What Does it Mean?

Whilst working and connecting with so many people over the years, one of the common issues that I have become apparent to me with a lot of people is that they are unsure of what their true purpose in life really is.  What I have found is that the essence of your true purpose in life lies in the experiences you have and the common themes that exist amongst those experiences.  Moving through a life lesson can take us to all sorts of places emotionally.  From the highs to the lows, there is always something to take away and grow from.

The experiences we have in our lives can teach us so many things, for so many reasons.  Each experience teaches us something about ourselves by how we take on what we have gained from it or how we reject it because we are not emotionally ready to accept what is going on at the time.  Each time we have an experience we are left with some sort of personal growth, whether we consciously acknowledge it or not.

Most of us associate learning with a classroom environment.  However, most of our learning throughout our lives is in the classroom of life.  The classroom of life can be our greatest teacher and the lessons are not always easy, but they are definitely life long.  Our life lessons lead us to learn about and discover different aspects of ourselves through the experiences we have and the people we have them with.

One of the key things that have become very apparent to me is that we all have common themes in the lessons we learn throughout our lives each one of them contribute to our personal growth and the way in which we learn as we go.

As a result, our personal growth contributes to our purpose and sometimes that can be hard to define.  We are all here for a reason and that is not always obvious to us on a conscious level.  Life gets busy and we can get so caught up in the living that we forget to stop and look at the how and why we are living the way we are.

Having a purpose in life means that you have an intention and a reason to do or create something that contributes to your life or the lives of others.  Your purpose in life can encompass a number of intentions and goals that lead you to achieve many different things.  All of which contribute to a common cause, your true purpose.

Your purpose is your why.  It’s the reason you do what you do and it leads you to a much bigger picture for a life well lived.  Everything that you achieve in the meantime either adds to your big picture or takes something away. It really is a simple equation.

To find your true purpose, it’s important to identify the results you want from the actions you take and the people you interact or work with to achieve those results.  When you have a purpose in life, you will have an intention or a goal that you want to achieve.  But it doesn’t stop with one intention or goal.

So, the next time you ask yourself, “What is my life purpose?”  Maybe it’s time to ask yourself a few questions;

Why am I doing this?  Is it going to give me the results I want? Do I feel good doing what I’m doing? And most of all, Does this lead me to the bigger picture that I am working towards?

But, it doesn’t’ stop there.  When you ask these questions, your body will always respond to the question and help you to find the answer.  Pay attention to what you are feeling and then take advantage of your free will and assert your right to make a choice to continue with what you’re doing or make changes to achieve the results you want to achieve.

The answers to what your true purpose is are embedded inside you.  You are the one who will decide what your true purpose is and how it will manifest into reality.  I can help you to define it, but you will always be the one who will determine how you work with it, by the choices you make and the experiences you choose to participate in.