"We help our clients to connect with themselves on a much deeper level to create the life they have always dreamed of.

Our aim is to create a learning environment that is proactive for personal development and growth from a conscious and subconscious perspective."

Lana Jackson

Mentor, Teacher and Life Strategist

Lana Jackson is passionate about helping people to help themselves in order to overcome whatever challenges they face in their life and this has been the basis of her entire career.  Throughout her life, she has always reserved the right to be who she is and to work with her abilities in whatever role she has participated in.  She is a strong believer in the saying, “Everything happens for a reason because it shapes us into the person we are today”.

As a wife and mother of three children, Lana has experienced the highs and lows of life’s relationships of marriage, divorce, single parenting, finding love again and parenting with a loving partner.  If Lana wrote a book about her life, they would sit it on the Fiction shelf with all of the many different experiences and the adversities that she has had to overcome to be in the position she is now and to help others.

Throughout her career, Lana has gained experience, knowledge, skills and abilities in the areas of Corporate and Education, whilst continually working with and applying her abilities as a Psychic Medium and Astrologer.  She put herself through University as a single mother, whilst paying a mortgage on the single parent pension and successfully graduated with her degree in Education.

Lana has had the opportunity to work with thousands of people worldwide to help change their lives through personal consultations, via Television, Radio and Social Media and in various Magazines.  She is a true believer in free will and choice, individuality, authenticity and transparency.  Her mission is to provide her clients with the ability to trust themselves and their instincts first so they can make the most from what they learn from the people and the world around them.

The lessons of life have been her greatest teacher and provided her with a depth of knowledge about the human experience and the wisdom it provides.  Through these experiences; she has gained the empathy and understanding of how you can become lost in the roles we all play in our lives.  She prides herself on helping people to look deeper within to find their own answers and be empowered to stand in their own power and truth, so they are able to help others help themselves on their own terms and gain the positive and empowering results in life that they seek to live the life they have always wanted.

Ready to connect with yourself on a deeper level and Master Your Instincts to help others and live the life you were born to live?