5 Quick and Easy Tips to Productive Meditation

Meditation is the most effective way to strengthen your and work with your instincts.   I have had so many people tell me they can’t meditate, it’s too hard and they can’t stop their mind chatter.  We can meditate for many different reasons and it can be done in many ways.  When you know how to, for those of you who struggle to do so, meditation, it can be done in as little as 5 minutes:

  1. Focus on Your Breathing

The primary key to meditation is breathing.  When you are connected to the way you breathe, you will then connect with far more than taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon monoxide.  Taking deep breaths in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth will allow you to concentrate and focus on the way you do this.  It will also make you consciously aware of what you are doing and help you to focus on the task at hand

  1. Focus on the Task at Hand

People meditate for many different reasons.  For this exercise, I am purely directing you to focus on the task at hand.  The task is to meditate in a quick and easy way.  You don’t have to go off to far away exotic places when you meditate.  The main and primary purpose of meditation of any kind is to focus and relax in order to connect with yourself on a number of level.  When attempting to meditate, it’s important to be in a state of mind to do so.  When starting out, find yourself a quiet place to do this, so that you can concentrate on your breathing and get that focus.

  1. Connect with your Whole Body.

When you meditate, it’s important to connect with your whole body, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.  As you take your breathe in, focus on connecting with each of your body parts.  You can start from the top of your head and work down or from the tip of your toes and work up.  The point is that when you are connecting with your body you are centering and focusing your energy.  This will also help you to gain clarity in other areas of your body, mind and soul.

  1. Allow yourself to Relax

One of the keys to meditation and connecting with your body is to allow yourself to relax and get to a state of relaxation.  For a lot of people, this can be challenging.  Their mind doesn’t seem to stop and they can’t get rid of the mind chatter.  When you are stressed or tense, your body is far from a relaxed state and it’s hard to gain clarity when you feel like this, much less pay attention to your instincts.  When you are meditating, in just 5 minutes, you can gain a relaxed state of mind and your body will follow.  When you are relaxed and in a calm state of mind, you will reap the benefits in so many more ways than just thinking clearly, it will also help you to get rid of that mind chatter.

  1. Timing is everything

When is the best time to meditate?  Any time, as long as you have the ability to focus and breathe.  Some of the best times to meditate, even for 5 minutes is when you first wake up in the morning or when you are about to go to sleep at night.  The shower is also a great place to start and the water can act as a focus point for you.  Listening to music to center and focus is also a traditional way of meditating and it is also very effective.  Meditation is all about focus and timing, so any time that you can center yourself in order to concentrate on your breathing to connect with yourself is always a good time.

When you meditate and allow yourself to relax and get into a calm state, your instincts will always speak to you.  Regardless of whether you are consciously aware or not, your instincts are always switched on and ready to communicate with you.  Awareness is the key.  Being aware of your instincts is one thing.  Accepting that they are speaking to you all the time is the key to discovering who you really are, your true potential, empowering you to be great at you and connecting with everyone around you.  Meditation is one way of working with your instincts in a much more productive and proactive way.