3 Quick Tips to Working with Your Instincts

Have you ever wondered why you think of someone and they call you?  Or, you call someone and they tell you they were just thinking about you?  Have you had a dream that has been so real that it’s woken you up from your sleep and you have had a physical reaction to it?  Have you had a feeling in your stomach that something just didn’t feel right and you ignored it, only to find that you should’ve listened paid attention to it in the first place?  Have you had repetitive thoughts going on in your head and then acted on impulse doing something you wouldn’t normally do?

All of these experiences are your instincts speaking to you.  So what do you do with them?  There are many ways of working with your instincts that can benefit you right now.

Try these 3 tips and you will not only gain a better understanding of your own instincts, you will also be able to understand how other people use their instincts too:

  1. Take a breath

One of the most beneficial ways to work with your instincts is to pay attention to how you breathe.  The way in which we breathe will vary according to what we are doing, how we are thinking and what we are feeling or experiencing at the time.  As a result, we will vary our breathing accordingly.  In the meantime, our instincts are still working with and for us to prompt some sort of a reaction.  Paying attention to how you are breathing at the time will allow you to not only take control of the situation internally, it will also allow you to pay attention to what your instincts are trying to tell you.

  1. Pay attention to the Signs

There are times that our body will scream at us to give us an indication of what we should do in any given situation.  Our body knows more than our mind does.  Our mind, in general, only knows what we have learnt in this lifetime and as a result can only associate knowledge to what we know now.  However, our body is energetically connected to every experience we have had throughout our lifetime and hence has a soul memory.  Having all of this knowledge, our body will give us a series of signs for us to pay attention to.  When you get that sick feeling in your gut, it’s your body telling you that something is not good.  It may also feel like it’s in knots.  When you have repetitive thoughts about the same thing and everything you do leads you back to that same topic.  Pay attention.  Our body will throw us both physical and metaphoric signs.  A disease or condition in a particular part of the body is the body telling us that it is at dis-ease and it wants you to take action or change something to make it feel at ease.

  1. Understand your energy levels.

As a living being, we are made up of energy.  We are a living breathing organism and hence we are all energy.  We have an energetic field that surrounds us known as an auric field and it acts as an energy conductor for projecting and receiving energy.  As we go about our daily lives, our energy will be increased or decreased depending on the amount of energy we use or receive.  One of the main things that can have an effect on our energy is mixing with other people and their energy fields.  When we are in the company of other people, our energetic aura will interact and mix with the energetic aura of the people in or around us.  If you are with positive people, you will more than likely feel more positive yourself.  If you are around negative people, chances are that you will walk away from them feeling rather negative for no good reason.  When you are in situations like this, it’s always good to protect your energy.  What I find really effective is to imagine a white wall of energy between you and the person you’re working or connecting with.  This causes no harm to them, but certainly protects and preserves your energy, allowing you to keep your own space.

When you pay attention to the instincts you were born with, you will then start to live the life you were meant to be living.  Everything becomes a lot clearer and you will also begin to feel a lot more empowered throughout your day.  It’s also important to remember that whether you consciously pay attention to your instincts or not, they will always be working in the background and paying attention for you anyway.